Survey Matrix Web Form Creation and Results Analysis System

* All advanced features appear in Red and are not commonly found with other survey systems. All advanced features are included for no extra costs.
Question Type Features
Radio Button (single choice) horizontal and vertical choice listing
Check Box (multiple choice) horizontal and vertical choice listing
Likert/Rating Scale totally customizable (any points)
Drop Menu (drop menu) single/multiple choice picklist. Alphabetical toggle
Text box (input question) totally customizable sizing width and height
Label (message/instruct)
Matrix Question (any dimensions)
Constant Sum (automatically sums input values)
Survey Builder Features
Survey Panels Manage groups of respondents assigned to surveys. Assign dynamic registration screens. Track results by user login or e-mail
Instant Templates Create new surveys from existing surveys. Your existing surveys automatically become templates for new surveys.
Smart Templates Create professional surveys in only a couple minutes (see demo survey). Smart templates are much more faster and effective than static templates.
Rearrange questions in any order by swapping positions
Missed question highlighting to respondents
Add Login Screen Add a login screen to your survey to prevent unauthorized access
Add Resource Links to your home page, support page etc. that will appear on the survey.
Brand Survey with company logo
Add Instruction Screen to your surveys
Customize Thankyou Screen Add links, images or other content to your survey/form Thankyou page.
Change survey foreground and background colors anytime
Align questions on the page, either left or center
Multiple views. View by question or as a single collection form
Page Breaks. Insert one or more page breaks into the survey
Rich Text Editor. Change the size, color or format of your question text. You can also Bold, Underline, Italicize or add subscripts to your text.
Spell-Checking of questions and choices. Full-featured spell-checker.
Copy choices or answers from last question to next question (great for customer satisfaction surveys)
Other (please specify) input box automatically appends to questions asking for other input if not listed in question choices.
Public Question Library SA public libary of questions and their corrosponding choices. Many demographic questions you can pull into your survey instantly. Edit any part of the question if necessary.
Private Question Library Import or Export questions to and from your private question library(great for commonly used questions).
Expire/Lock surveys after a certain date
Secure surveys and forms that will require senstive information.
Complex skip/branch logic if you wish to route certain respondents to only some questions.
Incomplete Survey Detection detects and removes unfinished survey data, making your statistics the most accurate you can expect by increasing data integrity.
Input field validation for strict data control in only accepting certain data types for certain survey/form fields (i.e. AlphaNumeric, Numeric, Date, Currency etc.)
E-mail Responders for sending e-mail notifications/information based on a answer trigger. You can have any question trigger an e-mail to either yourself or the respondent (or both) along with any other persons needing information after the respondent answers a certain to a certain question.
Reporting Features
View complete drill-down summary of all survey's basic counts and percentages
View all open-ended input questions
Response alerts for getting notification when someone has taken the survey or filled out a form.
Respondent Tracking and view individual survey reports (not just overall)
Respondent Clustering See all respondents who answered a certain question
Respondent Details view detailed registration information and survey history
Respondent Duration view the time in seconds or minutes it took the respondent to finish the survey/form
Respondent Spam Protection Respondents can take the same survey only one time.
Email Reminders to all respondents who have yet to take the survey.
dynamic graphical image charts (including 3D charts)
Automatically loads real-time statistics all formatted right into Excel spreadsheet
Automatic Net Promoter Score calculations for scale questions ranging from 1-10
Automatically generate averages for questions with numeric choices (great for pre and post test scores)
Share reports quickly with automatically generated emails having reports attached with one easy click
Export wizard for exporting respondant answers to delimited file
Single and Complex Aggregations (drill-down) (i.e. show me how Orange County answered this survey or how all Males, Age 25-30 answered this survey)
 See example
Cross-Tabulation for summary stats (i.e. show me the standard deviation of Female test scores only)
Instant descriptive stats (i.e. mean, median, mode, min, max, standard deviation) on questions having answers/choices with numeric values. Great for test scores and also included for Likert (rating) Scale questions.
Confidence Intervals listed for each question on summary statistics
Track e-mail invitations stats by learning who opened their survey/form invitation e-mails (also how many times) and who did not or hasn't yet.
Statistical calculators for determining population samples and confidence intervals
Satisfaction Survey Meters that automatically give you a quick read on overall respondent satisfaction as the responses come in.
Excel Report Labels Easily add labels to your Excel reports for your question columns.
Survey Matrix Innovation Features, not likely found anwhere else!
Intelligent Form Flow System Easily chain together multiple forms. Mix and match forms according to target group. The form-flow system allows users to stop and come back to where they left off in the flow anytime, until they finish. Great for studies and trials that span a certain length of time. Form Flows are secured using the SSL protocol and all user Login information is encrypted in the database.
User-determined Form Flow System User selects what forms to fill out. The form-flow system allows users to stop and come back to where they left off in the flow anytime, until they finish. Great for Tax, HR and other forms..
Report Striping Generate reports across a form flow and export answers across the forms to Excel for easy data manipulation.